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Paul Forster

Paul is a trained actor and mind reader having toured across the UK to sell out theatres. He has performed Victorian themed séance's in some of the most haunted venues with terrifying effect. His unique blend of storytelling and theatrics will make the ghost walk unforgettable. 

This is what started his journey into the world of the paranormal. Having trained as an actor from a young age and with a keen interest in close up magic in his youth, he always wanted to combine the two and drop in some theatrics in order to create something new for audiences but couldn't work out how. 

It wasn't until he moved from the coin and card magic and into mentalism that Paul realised his ambition of creating a unique theatrical experience. He worked for some time in the museum sector and with his interest in history, he drew upon real historical research and created his first theatrical séance in 2018 which sold out.

Since then Paul's sell-out séance shows have become very popular. In 2019 he recreated a little known séance that was held in Harrogate in the 1900s, in the same building and room as his predecessor back in the Victorian era.  This same, haunted building will play a starring role on your ghost walk. 

When he's not creeping around Harrogate at night, Paul also performs mentalism for weddings, parties and events. Finally, if you are interested in finding out more, have a story to share, or want to book a private event then please do get in touch below. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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